Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Central Asia Shepherd DogKennel UKU №1409  , FCI № 64/02
owners: Tatyana Shatalova and Andrey Masyuk
village Zhereva, Kievskaya obl., Kiev, Ukraine
mob. +38050-470-03-83, +38068 958-15-75


our kennel in 2016

The kennel is based in 1987 in structure DOSAAF. It is registered in КСУ in 1996 at number № 1409 with prefix "DAUR". The kennel is registered in 2002 in FCI № 64/02 with a prefix "DAUR DON".
For today in kennel of 12 dogs of breed the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, 1 - the Central Asia Shepherd Dog and 4 German sheep-dogs.
Breeding work of kennel is based on descendants of Sherhan. Sherhan has been got in 1993 on Northern Caucasus in village Uchkeken in the age of 2,5 years. He differed mighty make, a magnificent head, heavily boned (metacarpus 18,5 sm), and fine character.
Sherhan appeared the prepotent breeder and has transferred children heavily boned, a beautiful head and fine working qualities.

Little bit earlier, in 1990 from Caucasus the puppy - female Nayra has been brought. She has grown a large, powerful, beautiful dog and has given very good children: Djuddi Daur (ow. Bondarenko), Emma and Mansur Daur (ow. Ripakova), Talash Daur (ow. Shatalova).

Little bit earlier, in 1990 from Caucasus female Nayra has been brought by the puppy. She has grown a large, powerful, beautiful dog and has given very good children: Djuddi Daur (owner Bondarenko), Emma and Mansur Daur (owner Ripakova), Talash Daur (owner Shatalova).
Now in kennel there are two sons Sherhana: - the numerous participant of tests among domestic breeds. The vice-champion of 2003 of Ukraine on tests.
Bosho Daur it was successfully exhibited at dogshows of Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Poland. On his account more than 30 titles САС, BOB, 5CACIB, 4R.CACIB, КЧК, СС, the Numerous winner "Best in Show", the Champion of Ukraine, Russia, Grandee the Champion of Ukraine, the Best among the best in breed.
From Bosho two are left females: Asha - Best Beby the Guard of Donbass - 2001, the Best puppy the Cup of Kiev - 2001, the Best юниор the Cup of Donbass - 2001, 2х САС, Shaya - the best puppy the Guard of Donbass - 2002, the Young Champion of Ukraine - 2002, the Champion of Ukraine the Ukrainian Winner, grandee the Champion of Ukraine, 3x CACIB, 1 R.CACIB.
From Asha and Batyr Velikiy Han in kennel are left Nuchar Daur Don and Nayra Daur Don.
Despite of the early age, Nuchar has already many victories: the Best Junior-1 Guard of Donbass - 2003, 6х САС, 3х BOB, СС, 2х CACIB, Champion RFSS, Winner Evrodogshou.
In second time at Asha there were children from her father Bosho Daur and in kennel there is magnificent snow-white Zabava Daur Don.
One year ago it has been got Anakonda from Otchiy Dom - cultivations of the known factory owner of of Saint Petersburg Elena Checkova. For short time Anakonda has 2х САС, CACIB, BOB, КЧК.

From the Anaconda and the Voron from Light House are received and left in kennel Baha Daur Don, Bahor Don and Baysa Daur Don which also have successfully begun the dogshow career.
In the future we plan to cross our females to the best representatives of breed of Ukraine and Russia.
Finishing the story about our present, we want to wish all amateurs of the Caucasian sheep-dogs of success and we are glad to see all present and future friends at ourselves on a visit on a site for dialogue and cooperation.

Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Russia, Grand Champion of Ukraine, 5xCACIB, 4xRCACIB, КЧК, СС, 32xCAC, 28xBOB.
Best of the Best of Breed

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